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For every dollar spent, you earn 1 point toward anything from the rewards menu! Our most popular option is a $5 OFF coupon for 100 points. Points can be used at any Ra Shop and never expire! Make sure you check your email after signing up.


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You can also earn rewards points by using RateMySmile to rate our staff and complete surveys. Click the link below to start. You can earn ten points by rating a staff member. Also, you can earn twenty points by completing a survey. You must sign up on the RateMySmile website in order to have points added to your account.



50 Points

Ra Shop Papers $0.59

Ra Shop Doob Tube $0.89

Ra Shop BIC Lighter $1.59

Ra Shop Silicone Container $2.49

100 Points

$5 off Reward

Ra Shop Silicone Hand Pipe $4.99

Ra Shop Sunglasses $4.99

Ra Shop Acrylic Grinder $5.99

150 Points

Ra Shop Small Rolling Tray $7.99

200 Points

Ra Shop Glass Bat $8.99

Ra Shop Black T-Shirt $9.99

Ra Shop Tie Dye T-Shirt/Tank Top $11.99

Ra Shop Black Tank Top $12.99

Ra Shop Medium Rolling Tray $12.99

Ra Shop Cinch Bag $14.99

250 Points

Ra Shop Long Sleeve w/ Hood $19.99

Ra Shop New Orleans T-Shirt $16.99

325 Points

Ra Shop Hoodie $24.99

350 Points

Ra Shop Gandalf $29.99

Ra Shop Mardi Gras Grinder $36.99

375 Points

Ra Shop 8'' Iridescent Beaker WP $39.99

400 Points

Ra Shop 8'' ZONG WP $49.99

Ra Shop 8'' WP $49.99

500 Points

Ra Shop Rig $59.99

550 Points

Ra Shop 10'' Double Perc Straight WP $64.99

Ra Shop 10'' Single Perc Beaker WP $64.99

600 Points

Ra Shop 12'' Single Perc WP $69.99

700 Points

Ra Shop 14'' Double Perc WP $79.99

800 Points

Ra Shop 14'' Heavy Beaker WP $89.99

Ra Shop 16'' Clear Beaker WP $89.99

900 Points

Ra Shop 16'' Double Perc Straight $99.99

1000 Points

Ra Shop Double Perc Straight WP $109.99